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Thursday 16th February 2017
Today the memorial received a visit from Poland of the Daughter and Granddaughter of Sgt Antoni Kaczmarz they travelled to Faldingworth to place a memorial stone dedicated to thier Father/Grandfather in the circle behind the Memorial.
Sgt Kaczmarz was the wireless operator on board Lancaster PA185 BH-W. This aircraft left Faldingworth 21.47 hrs on the night of 13th February 1945 on a mission to Dresden, at 21.59 PA185 collided with a 550 squadron Lancaster NF932  over Apley near Wragby Lincolnshire. Both aircraft crashed at Stotts farm Apley killing all on board. This flight was Sgt Kaczmarz's 9th mission.


In May 2011 we were visited by Eugenia Kaminska, of Tollerton,
and Jozefa Solecki  and her family from Buffalo New York . This was Mrs Solecki's first visit back to Faldingworth since she and her husband Zbigniew (whom she met and married whilst stationed at Faldingworth) emigrated to America in the late 1940's.
The story of their emotional trip back was captured and told by Andy Smart of the Nottingham Post.
His article can be viewed by clicking the Nottingham post article link or click HERE